Aniseed Oil

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Aniseed Oil

Aniseed Oil

Anise essential oil is derived from the perennial herbal plant anise or aniseed (Pimpinella Anisum). It promotes digestive health. From loosening mucus to fighting various bacterial and fungal strains, Aniseed Oil offers many benegits to your health.

CAS Number #8007-70-3
Synonyms Pimpinella Anisum

Form Liquid
Purity 100%
Appearance Light Yellow
Raw Material Seed
Origin Indian Subcontinent
FEMA 2096
MDL Number MFCD00130517
Optical Activity [α]20/D −1°, neat
Refractive Index n20/D 1.554(lit.)
Flash Point 197.6 °F / 92 °C
Boiling Point 232 °C(lit.)
Density 0.980 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Shelf Life 24 Months

Benefits and Usage

  • Anti-Gas Properties

 Anise Oil acts as a carminative agent and assist the body in removing excess gas via reducing surface tension of small gas bubbles, and allowing them to gather together for easy expulsion

  • Treats Congestion

Anise essential oil may help in treating nasal congestion and assist in management of respiratory disorders, since it can assist in constriction of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity. This essential oil is also capable of removing phlegm or mucous deposited in the respiratory tract especially when inhaled thus, relieving the body of chest congestion, breathing troubles, or cough as well as other common disorders associated with sinusitis.

  • Muscle Relaxant

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, basil oil can help with aching muscles. Useful as a natural muscle relaxer, you can  rub a 1-2 drops of basil essential oil along with 1 ounce of coconut oil into painful, swollen muscles or joints.

  • Relaxes The Body

Anise essential oil has important constituents which may enable it serve effectively as a natural sedative agent. When used, it may be able to relax the body and prevent nervous disorders associated with neuro-endocrine disruption, such as anger, depression, anxiety or stress. The anise essential oil may also improve the quality of sleep so the body is left refreshed and energized, making it an excellent non-habit forming sleep aide.

  • Healthy Skin & Health Hair Growth

Anise essential oil contains major nutrients needed by the skin and coupled with its soothing aroma, it can be used often,  helping in the maintenance of skin by keeping it healthy, glowing and looking youthful.  Anise oil can be mixed with moisturizers and lotions to effectively make the skin look much smoother and softer and may serve as a remedy for dark spots, acne, and even wrinkles. It contains some vital properties, such as the ability to eliminate microbial overgrowth and stopping scalp infections in their infancy. This essential oil is capable of repairing damaged hair and increasing its volume, and can be massaged into the scalp to increase thickness and help in the management of dandruff.

How to Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of choice.

Use: Dilute with Coconut Oil or any other carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. (Skin Patch Test is recommended)


Extra care should be taken in case you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking any special medication. Keep out of reach of children. It is always advisable to seek the guidance of your physician or health care expert before choosing the appropriate oils for your unique individual constitution and medical condition.

Note: The images does not represent actual product and product may vary.

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