Menthone (Synthetic)

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Menthone (Synthetic)

Menthone (Synthetic)

Menthone is a cyclic oxygenated terpene and its antioxidant potential has been evaluated.[4] It is one of the key active component of Danshu capsule (DSC), a medicinal compound in traditional Chinese medicine.


Menthone has been used in the following studies:

• To prepare the model flavor mix in a study to investigate the release of various aroma compounds in xanthan-thickened food model systems having different viscosities.

• As standard in the quantification of volatile constituents and odour-activity value (OAV) in ′Marion′ and ′Black Diamond′.

• Modified semisolid agar antifungal susceptibility method (SAAS) to investigate the anti-fungal activities of various cyclic terpenes against Fusarium verticillioides MRC 826.

Product Details

Type Essential Oil
Purity 100%
Form Liquid
Shelf Life 24 Months
Raw Material  Menthone Leaves
Usage For Medical and Personal Use

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