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N-HEPTALDEHYDE is a colorless, oily liquid with a penetrating fruity odor. Insoluble in water and less dense than water. Hence floats on water. Flash point near 141°F. Used to make perfumes and pharmaceuticals.

CAS Number #111-71-7

1-Heptanal, Aldehyde C7, Enanthaldehyde, Heptaldehyde, Oenanthaldehyde

Molecular Formula C7H14O

EC Number 203-898-4
MDL Number MFCD00007028
Chemical Name N-heptanal
Molecular Weight 114.19
Boiling Point 153 °C - lit
Melting Point -43 °C - lit
Packaging 500 Ml, 1L, 2L & 5L in Glass Bottles, Bigger packaging available on request.
Color Light yellow

Heptanal is an n-alkanal resulting from the oxidation of the alcoholic hydroxy group of heptan-1-ol to the corresponding aldehyde. An endogenous aldehyde coming from membrane lipid oxidation, it is found in the blood of lung cancer patients and has been regarded as a potential biomarker of lung cancer. It has a role as a biomarker. It is a saturated fatty aldehyde and a n-alkanal.

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