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DECALDEHYDE is a colorless to light yellow liquid with a pleasant odor. Floats on water. Freezing point is 64°F. (USCG, 1999)

CAS Number #112-31-2
Synonyms Caprinaldehyde, Decyl aldehyde, Decanal
Molecular Formula C10H20O

EC Number 203-957-4
MDL Number MFCD00007031
Chemical Name Decanal
Molecular Weight 156.27
Boiling Point 207 - 209 °C - lit
Packaging 500 Ml, 1L, 2L & 5L in Glass Bottles, Bigger packaging available on request.
Color Light yellow

Decanal is a satruated fatty aldehyde formally arising from reduction of the carboxy group of capric acid (decanoic acid). It has a role as an antifungal agent, a fragrance and a plant metabolite. It is a saturated fatty aldehyde and a n-alkanal.

Decanal is an organic compound with the chemical formula C9H19CHO. It is the simplest ten-carbon aldehyde. Decanal occurs naturally and is used in fragrances and flavoring. Decanal occurs in nature and is an important component in citrus along with octanalcitral, and sinensal. Decanal is also an important component of buckwheat odour .

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