Citronella Java Oil

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Citronella Java Oil

Citronella Java Oil

Citronella Java Oil is used to expel worms or other parasites from the intestines. It is also used to control muscle spasms, increase appetite, and increase urine production (as a diuretic) to relieve fluid retention.

CAS Number #106-23-0
Synonyms Citronella Grass Oil, Cymbopogon Winterianus

Feature Herbal
Shelf Life 12 Months
Color & Odor Light yellow with Fresh & Sweet odor
Raw Material Leaves
Form Liquid
Purity 99%
Type Natural
FEMA Number 2308
MDL Number MFCD00146467

Benefits and Usage

  • All Natural Mosquito Repellent

While citronella oil helps to prevent mosquito bite, it does not kill mosquitoes. It only repels these insects by blocking the scent that attracts these bugs, causing them to become disoriented. Combine 2-3 drops of Citronella oil per teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it on exposed skin to repel insects. If you prefer a roll-on, mix a few drops of citronella into a lighter carrier oil like argon and put it in a roll-on bottle for application.

  • Effective Deodorant

Citronella Essential Oil has a clean, fresh scent, its also a common ingredient in soaps, candles, incense, perfumes and cosmetics. You can deodorize your home, dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machine by diffusing citronella or spraying a very small amount in to your household appliances.

  • Promotes Relaxation

Commonly used to control emotions in aromatherapy, it can help relax your mind and contribute to reduced stress reactions and better sleep for people who can’t sleep. Try diffusing citronella oil in your home, massaging it into skin or spraying it onto your bed sheets.

  • Clean Your Home

Add 5 to 10 drops of citronella oil to 1/2 to 1 cup of water, put it in a spray bottle and use it to clean and deodorize your home. It is especially effective in the kitchen and bathroom but you can use it on any hard surface. It kills germs and fungal spores, leaving behind a fresh fragrance.

  • Treat Depression

Use citronella essential oil to alleviate depression and fatigue. It is a natural antidepressant. You can do citronella aromatherapy to lift your spirits or massage the 1% to 3% blend onto your chest and upper abdomen.

How to Use

Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of choice.

Use: Dilute with Coconut Oil or any other carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. (Skin Patch Test is recommended)


Extra care should be taken in case you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking any special medication. Keep out of reach of children. It is always advisable to seek the guidance of your physician or health care expert before choosing the appropriate oils for your unique individual constitution and medical condition.

Note: The images does not represent actual product and product may vary.

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