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Chiral Secondary Alcohols, Asymmetric Synthesis, Chiral Intermediates, Chiral Building Blocks

CAS Number #08-06-6169
Synonyms (S)-Octan-2-ol, 2-Octanol, (S)-
Molecular Formula C8H18O

Density 0.822 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Optical Activity [α]20/D +9.5°, neat
Optical Purity 98%
Melting Point -38°C (-36 °F; 235 K)
Solubility in Water 1.120 g/L
Refractive Index 1.426 (20 °C)
Boiling Point 178.5°C (353.3 °F; 451.6 K)
Density 0.8207 (g/cm3) (20°C)
Appearance Colourless liquid with characteristic odour
Assay 99%
MDL Number MFCD00064283
EC Number 228-213-6

(S)-(+)-2-Octanol can be used by itself (as such) as or as a raw material for several applications in flavors and fragrances, paints and coatings, inks, adhesives, home care, lubricants and fuels. Bio-derived 2-Octanol can be a green alternative of 2-ethylhexanol and its derivates in several applications

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