m- and p- cresol

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m- and p- cresol

m- and p- cresol

It is used in phenolic resins, photoresists, phosphate esters, wire enamel solvents, surfactants, disinfectants, fiber preservatives, wood preservatives and other chemical intermediates.

CAS Number #1319-77-3
Synonyms Methylphenol tricresol

Phenol Content Mass %, 0.5 max
o-Cresol Content Mass %, 0.5 max
Mp-Cresol Content Mass %, 85 min
Neutral Oils Content Mass %, 0.200 max
Meta Cresol Content Mass %, 60 min
Water Mass %, 0.200 max
Pyridine bases Contents Ppm, 0.200 max

Meta Para Cresol is widely used in many industries as lubricating oils, wood preservatives, adhesives, automotive degreasers etc. Meta Para Cresol offered by us is available at competitive price.

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