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Antioxidant TBM6 is widely used in various products like Petroleum, Rubber and Plastic.

CAS Number #96-69-5
Synonyms 4,4'-Thiobis(6-tert-butyl-m-cresol)
Molecular Formula C22H30O2S

Iron Content (as Fe) (ppm) 10.0 max
Ashcontent (w/w) (5g/800+50 °C) 0.05% max
Volatility (2g/4h/100 °C) 0.1% max
Active content (By HPLC) 99% min
Melting Point 160 °C - 164 °C
Appearance White Crystalline Powder

Antioxidant TBM6 is a highly efficient and multi-functional sulfur containing hindered phenolic antioxidant, It possesses excellent structure and dual effects of main and auxiliary antioxidants. It can achieve good synergistic effects when combined with carbon black. Antioxidant TBM6 has been used in plastics, rubber, petroleum products and rosin resin.

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