4,4'-Butylidenebis (2-tert. butyl-5-methylphenol)

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4,4'-Butylidenebis (2-tert. butyl-5-methylphenol)

4,4'-Butylidenebis (2-tert. butyl-5-methylphenol)

Antioxidant 44B25 are widely used for the manufacturing of high quality thermoplastics and adhesives.

CAS Number #85-60-9
Synonyms 4,4'-Butylidenebis (2-tert. butyl-5-methylphenol)
Molecular Formula C26H38O2

Molecular Weight 382.592
MDL Number MFCD00026289
EINECS Number 201-618-5
Appearance White to Off white powder
Specific Gravity ~1.03
Bulk Density 328 Kg/M3
Flash Point 121 °C
Melting Range 208 °C - 220 °C
Volatiles (10g/70 °C/2h) 0.25 Max
Melting Point 209 °C Min
Ash Content, wt (5g/800 °C) 0.10% Max

it is a non-discoloring antioxidant with wide range of applications for thermoplastics and adhesives. It has excellent performance properties in polyamides and tire cords.

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